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2005 WAYCOM Outing-Shanghai Qingpu Sun island Country Club
At WAYCOM, we always believe in “teamwork, positive, effective and efficient, fair and equitable” as our company culture, and aim to bring up our younger team with human-based management. In order to enhance team communication and foster staff’s enthusiasm for participation in activities, WAYCOM organized our employees to make a trip to Shanghai Qingpu Sun island Country Club from May 22 to 23, 2005. During outing with the theme that “Come close to nature”, teammates not only relaxed themselves completely, but also promoted their privities and cooperation with each other.
By taking full advantage of the equipments in the country club, WAYCOM held some unique activities like cooking match of “There is no such thing as a free lunch” and Cart match of “Who is the fastest”. During those activities, there was no boss or underling, no age or pressure, there was only excitement and happiness, only privities and passions. Through those games, this outing definitely improved team abilities on organization, competition and cooperation, and also promoted mutual communion and embodied the subject of “Healthiness and Happiness, Passion and Interaction”.
2005 WAYCOM outing – “lunch time” 
2005 WAYCOM outing – “WAYCOM Family”
2005 WAYCOM outing – “Awards”
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