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2007 WAYCOM Outing-Xiamen
Along with new employee joining these years, WAYCOM has been developed and expanded gradually. With 2 years preparation, from September 21 to 23, 2007, WAYCOM shanghai team made a journey to “the Garden on the sea” - Xiamen. We toured most of famous scenic spots including Gulang Island, Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden, Bright Moon Garden, Xiamen Museum and Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall etc. We all were moved by strange fascination in Xiamen and enjoyed this wonderful tour. Through this outing, team improved communication and relationship between new and old staffs, and also strengthened mutual trust and collaboration.
This was very joyful trip all the way. All took active part in the activities and matches, took care of each other and shared each enjoyment with all. Releasing from strained and busy work, with this pleasant activity, all of us entered into youthful, vigorous and enthusiastic WAYCOM team. Coming with attention, encouragement, sincerity and trust within team, all removed their veils of shyness to put their heart and soul into team. By applying our primary subject of “Attention, communication, interaction” throughout whole outing, it effectively brought us close, improved mutual feelings and enhanced cohesive power of team in the nature manner.

2007 WAYCOM outing – “Our family”


2007 WAYCOM outing – “Youthful battlefield”                        2007 WAYCOM outing – “Fire at me”


2007 WAYCOM outing – “That is easier”                        2007 WAYCOM outing – “Cheers!”


2007 WAYCOM outing – “Chinese Kungfu”                           2007 WAYCOM outing – “Teammate”

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