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2010 Waycom Celebrated the 10th Anniversary
On occasion of the 10th anniversary of Waycom Technology, Waycom employees nationwide gathered in Shanghai, where the headquarter is located, to participate a series of celebration activities.
The anniversary party was thrown at La Verbena in the evening of Sep. 11th. Surrounded by the most breathe-taking view of the Bund, all guests enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing time. 
"It's all about the staff," Richard Yao, the Managing Director of Waycom Technology highlighted the significance of the event, "They are the reason we've come this far. I want to share this moment of joy with my colleagues and hope it will be remembered because the night is built with our own hands."
As talking about the future, he said, "We are having our 20th and 30th anniversary coming, I have absolutely no doubts."
During the day of Sep. 10th to the 12th, employees also visited Shanghai EXPO in groups.
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