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Designed as the complementary gateway for S8500/S8700/10/20-based media server solutions, the G650 offer the features, scalability, and system uptime that enterprises require for mission-critical telephony applications.
The G650 Media Gateway features an 8U high, 14-slot chassis that can be installed in industry standard EIA-310 19", 24", or 600 mm ETSI open or closed racks. The G650 can accommodate a range of analog, digital, ISDN, and IP (over the LAN) phone station configurations, with voice transport options over IP, analog, TDM, or ATM. Available dual redundant, load-sharing power supplies with AC/DC inputs provide enhanced system reliability. For scalability, up to five G650 Media Gateways can be stacked together using a TDM/LAN cable and a built-in connector in the back of the chassis to form a high-capacity port network.
For call control, the G650 Media Gateway connects to an external S8500 or S8700 Media Server over an IP link using the TN2312BP IP Server Interface (IPSI). For mission-critical applications, G650 port networks can be configured for IPSI duplication, which provides fault-tolerant duplicated control paths to the media server. This feature introduces a high-availability option for enterprises with existing mission-critical voice systems that want to migrate to an IP transport solution without compromising system reliability and availability.
Business Benefits
  • Supports multi-protocol environments where enterprises have a requirement for concurrent support of TDM and IP-based telephony.
  • Provides an evolutionary approach to mixed TDM/IP or IP telephony for enterprises with traditional TDM-based infrastructures to provide greater ROI by leveraging their existing investments.
  • Provides a standard migration and expansion platform for all existing Avaya TN-style Media Gateways that enables the easy integration of voice and data infrastructure over a standard 19-inch data rack.
  • Supports a variety of connectivity and availability options, allowing for easy integration into existing voice networks.
  • Support for T.38 Fax and Modem over IP so that non-IP communications can travel over IP telephony links.
Connectivity Options
The G650 will operate in the following configurations: Center Stage. ATM Center Stage, Direct Connect, and IP Connect.
Facilitates integration into many existing network configurations, and provides a base for migration to IP.
TTY over IP
The Avaya media gateways including the G650, support the reliable transmission of TTY signals over IP telephony links, which enables persons who are hearing disabled to use their TTY based communication devices.

Persons with hearing disabilities who rely on their TTY-based devices can communicate end-to-end even if their communications travels over an IP telephony link. Without this feature, even a small amount of packet loss results in severely degraded TTY communications.
T.38 Fax and Modem over IP Support
The Avaya media gateways support T.38 Fax and Modem over IP. T.38 is the standard for supporting Fax over an IP network. Modem over IP for low bit rate modems (V.34, V.90 & V.92) are supported in pass-through and relay modes.

With T.38 Fax support, virtually any standard analog fax device can reliably transmit over IP telephony segments. With Modem over IP, traditional voice infrastructure can be migrated to IP telephony while retaining modem-based solutions.
Multi-protocol Connectivity
The G650 is designed to support telephony network environments requiring concurrent support of TDM and IP.
Facilitates integration into many existing networks, and provides a base for future migration to IP-based solutions.
Gateway Resiliency
The G650 offers optional redundant AC/DC power supplies and duplicated control paths via redundant IP Server Interface (IPSI) TN2312BP circuit packs.
Provides enhanced system and network availability options for enterprises with mission critical operations.
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