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Designed to meet the most demanding customer environments, the S8720 Media Server in conjunction with the release of Avaya Communication Manager 3.1 introduces a Software Duplication option, a more powerful processor and increased storage, while retaining the 2U vertical form factor of the existing S87XX platform. As a result, the S8720 Media Server with hardware duplication delivers at least a 50% improvement in BHCC (Busy Hour Call Completion) over a similarly configured S8710 Media Server.
The S8720 Media Server, a new version of the Avaya flagship S87XX product line, reflects our core Media Server strategy to deliver on the price/performance promise of the Avaya Communication Architecture by regularly updating our media server platforms to take advantage of new technologies and performance improvements.
The S8720 Media Server is   based on the powerful AMD Opteron processor with an Enterprise Linux operating system. The S8720 Media Server with Communication Manager 3.1 provides a rock solid foundation for a highly flexible converged solution that meets a variety of telephony needs.
The S8720 Media Server is always sold with two duplicated servers to ensure maximum up time.  The S8720 Media Server will be available in two configurations: with Hardware Duplication (requiring the two DAL1 duplication boards) or with Software Duplication (no DAL1 boards needed). With Hardware Duplication, the S8720 Media Servers can be separated up to 10 kilometers (6.3 miles) to help ensure business continuity. With software duplication the S8720 server separation distance is governed by the capacity and quality of the duplication link. For software duplication to function properly, the minimum network requirements for the duplication link are:
  • 1 GB Ethernet link, minimum
  • 8 ms round trip delay, maximum
  • 0.15% roundtrip packet loss, maximum
The S8720 Media Server, with hardware duplication, can process up to 600,000 Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC) in a general call type mix.  The BHCC for the S8720 with Software Duplication is approximately 250,000 in a general call type mix. 
The S8720 can support up to 36,000 stations and 44,000 ports, up to 12,000 IP endpoints (which is a cumulative total of IP trunks, IP stations and SIP trunks), and 8,000 trunks enabling it to support large multi-national corporations and contact center operations.
Business Benefits
  • With 99.999% reliability and redundancy, the S8720 Media Server enables highly reliable solutions over IP.
  • Software duplication provides flexibility and choice of redundancy configurations.
  • High capacity call processing server can handle the most demanding business environment.
  • Common software base optimizes integration into existing networks and eases upgrades.
  • Scalable architecture provides virtually unlimited growth options.
Duplicated Servers
The S8720 Media Servers are used in pairs in a peer-to-peer configuration.  One of the servers will run in an active mode and the peer server will run in a standby mode. The S8720 Media Server running in an active mode has its Switch Processing Element (SPE) actively controlling and servicing all entities in the system (port networks, gateways, adjuncts, IP phones, etc.). In addition, it constantly monitors itself in order to determine its state-of-health. The S8720 Media Server running standby mode has its SPE running, but not controlling any entities. It is responsible for monitoring its state-of-health and is ready to take-over the system (become the active server) when necessary.
Before the release of CM 3.1, the S87XX Media Servers were only available with hardware duplication. With hardware duplication the media server's non-persistent memory data (translations) is processed by the DAL1 duplication card in the active server and transmitted to the DAL1 duplication card in the standby server over a fiber-optic cable. The persistent memory data can be transmitted over a dedicated or non-dedicated Ethernet link.

The fundamental strength of the Avaya S8720 Media Server architecture is that the entire server complex is duplicated.  By creating duplicated servers with one active and one acting as a hot standby, it ensures that there is no single point of failure (SPF).  The Avaya use of the hot standby server is a major differentiator in the market.
Software Duplication
With the introduction of Communication Manager 3.1, software duplication is an option available on the S8720. Software duplication provides memory synchronization without the need for the DAL1 duplication cards or the limitation of fiber-optic cabling. With software duplication, both the non-persistent and persistent memory data is processed by the S8720 CPU and transmitted over an Ethernet link.

More design flexibility for transparent failover:
  • Software duplication allows Ethernet connectivity rather than dedicated physical fiber.
  • Customer choice: hardware duplication (w/ board) over dedicated fiber fully supported.
High Capacity
The S8720 with Hardware Duplication can support up to 600,000 Busy Hour Call Completions in a general business call mix, 36,000 stations and 8000 trunks.   The S8720 with Software Duplication can support approximately 250,000 BHCC in a general call type mix.

Enterprises can consolidate multiple systems onto one server, therefore reducing equipment costs and simplifying system administration, management and monitoring.
Common Software Base
As a member of the Avaya family of Media Servers, the S8720 utilizes Communication Manager, the latest version of advanced telephony software, to deliver proven reliability, efficient call processing and more than 700 advanced telephony features.

Provides enterprises with a common set of capabilities that can be deployed across the enterprise enabling all employees to utilize their desktop telephony no matter where they are (in the office, at home, on the road, at a customer location, etc.)
Scalable Architecture
The S8720 can scale up to 36,000 stations (12,000 can be IP which is a cumulative total of IP trunks, IP stations and SIP trunks) on a single server and up to 1,000,000 stations in a distributed enterprise network.

Provides enterprises with the flexibility to scale their communication network to their needs. As an enterprise expands through a merger, acquisition or increased performance the S8720 is flexible to grow with them and easily add capacity as needed. This provides investment protection and efficiency of capital expenditure; you only purchase what you need at any given time.
Redundancy Options
Avaya provides options to deploy survivable processors or duplicate processors in your network, preprogrammed and ready to take over call control in the event a central media server or communications link is disrupted. In some cases, a customer need for business continuity may require duplication of the entire system of processors, control network and bearer (traffic) network - also an option with the S8720 Media Server.  Additionally, for extended options of redundancy, the S8720 Media Servers, with hardware duplication, can be separated up to 10 kilometers.  The S8720 Media Server can also be sold with software duplication.

Business Continuity - For those most critical business functions, such as headquarters operations or standalone customer contacts centers, where a loss of communications is not an option. With the inherent reliability built into the S8720 along with the additional reliability options available, make the S8720 one of the most reliable communications solutions on the market today.  In addition, Communication Manager 3.1 provides additional survivability for remote locations with Enterprise Survivable Servers (ESS) and Local Survivable Servers (LSP).
Unified System Management Tools
The Integrated Management suite provides a comprehensive set of applications that make it easier to administer, manage and monitor complex communications networks.

One centralized set of applications to configure, manage and monitor media servers, media gateways and endpoints. This simplifies and enhances the productivity of systems administrators and network managers throughout the enterprise.
Standards Based
The S8720 consists of a pair of servers utilizing the powerful AMD Opteron processors and runs Red Hat Enterprise Version 4 Linux operating system. And because it runs Communication Manager software it supports the majority of industry standard application programming interfaces and protocols such as, TAPI, TSAPI, JTAPI, DAPI, ASAI, LDAP, H.323, QSIG, H.450 and H.248.

Enables customers to create a multi-vendor environment, which allows them to integrate products and software from best-in-class vendors across their network.
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