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The S8400 Media Server is a Linux-based server that provides Communication Manager processing functionality in stand alone, single port network (PN), telephony systems requiring up to 900 stations.
The S8400 Media Server consists of a TN8400 hardware/software platform, TN8412AP SIPI circuit pack, Avaya Communication Manager, and optionally IA770 messaging software. The server is available in two configurations: New Customer package and a Migration Hardware package.
  • The New Customer package includes the S8400 Media Server, S8400 IP Interface (SIPI), and a G650 Media Gateway.
  • The Migration Hardware package includes the S8400 Media Server and the S8400 SIPI (TN8412).
S8400 Media Server supports the messaging, call center and wireless solutions currently supported on Avaya Linux servers.
The S8400 Media Server uses the TN8412AP S8400 IP Interface (SIPI) circuit pack to provide:
  • Circuit pack control within its port network
  • Cabinet maintenance
  • Tone-clocks
  • Emergency transfer switch functionality
  • Customer/external alarms
The included IA770 integrated messaging application supports the equivalent of 8 ports of voice messaging simultaneously, and up to 450 light duty users.
Business Benefits
  • A cost-effective system with easily installed enhancements to accommodate a growing enterprise.
  • Applications to improve customer service and increase productivity.
  • Flexible IP Telephony migration options.
  • Investment protection by reusing many components.
  • Easy migration of system translations thereby reducing migration down time.
Maximum Single Port Network Support
  • A single Port Network (or a cabinet) can be composed of 1 to 5 G650 Media Gateways or 1 to 3 G600 Media Gateways or 1 to 4 CMC1 carriers
  • Trunks and line card capacities remain the same as the CSI capacities: 400 trunks and 900 stations
Provides a properly sized solution for the mid market enterprise capable of running Communication Manager 3.1 and higher on up to 5 H.248 media gateways.
Connect any mix of up to 5 H.248 Gateways such as G700/G350/G250 by a TN799DP Control-LAN (C-LAN) circuit pack or processor Ethernet.
The S8400 Media Server supports up to 80 G150 Media Gateways (in addition to the five H.248 Gateways).
Avaya IA770 Integrated Messaging Solution
The Avaya INTUITY™ AUDIX® 770 (IA770) Solution is an integrated messaging application that delivers voice, and text messaging.  It is included as an entitlement of the Communication Manager license and supports up to 450 users.

Provides call answering and messaging capabilities embedded within an Avaya Media Server to improve communications and simplify information exchange within enterprises.
Call Center Applications
The Avaya Call Center provides a total solution for an enterprise's sales and service needs. Building on the performance and flexibility of the Avaya Communication Manager, customers can select from a powerful assortment of features, capabilities, and applications specifically designed to enhance call center operations. The Avaya Call Center solution is built upon proven and innovative automatic call distribution (ACD) technology that offers a suite of call routing and resource selection capabilities designed to help a company’s agents handle calls more effectively and to boost their call center’s overall level of productivity.  
  • Avaya Call Center Basic:  Provides basic ACD functionality including agent hunt groups, service observing, VuStats and BCMS. Call Center Basic is included as an entitlement of Communication Manager at no additional charge.  Agents are provided for the maximum agent capacity for the server being requested.
  • Avaya  Call  Center Introductory Offer: Provides all of the ACD functionality required to operate a small call center and includes basic conditional routing capabilities. It now can handle up to 50 agents at an extremely attractive per agent price. 
  • Avaya Call Center Elite: Features Avaya Expert Agent Selection (EAS is the Avaya term for skills-based routing) and the full complement of advanced Call Vectoring (conditional routing) capabilities. As of November, the Elite package now includes Avaya Virtual Routing and IP Agent Shared Control, which provides a common softphone desktop for all agents and allows all agents to be IP enabled.
  • Avaya  Call Center Elite Enterprise Edition: Adds Avaya Business Advocate and Avaya Advanced Segmentation to the standard Elite package.
Properly sized solution for the mid market customer capable of supporting up to 500 agents.
Investment Protection
S8400 will support migrations from CMC, G600 cabinetry which include DEFINITY ONE, IP600, S8100 and ProLogix/DEFINITY CSI offers. 

Customers that currently are using the CMC Media Gateway, or DEFINITY One, Avaya IP600 or S8100, the S8400 Media Server will provide a great migration path by enabling this customer set to reuse their existing gateway and virtually all their circuit packs and terminals . Customers will be able to migrate their existing Communication Manager translations to S8400.
IP Telephony at Your Pace and Choice
Built in Linux, DHCP and TFTP severs eliminating the need to purchase third party severs to host the software.

Providing customer support for registration of IP end points and downloading of updated software to those endpoints.
Alarm Interface Support
Supports three external interfaces for the purposes of alarming and services access.

USB Interface for Modem connectivity, Two Ethernet interfaces - Services Notebook Connectivity, IP based LAN alarming (future) - all provide alarm access and support the error correction applications. Support of ECC (error correcting code) on all memory and supports an autonomous maintenance processor which continuously monitors system health.
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