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 “People are a greatest wealth of company.” At WAYCOM Technology, we believe that people are our most valuable asset of company.
At WAYCOM Technology, our objective is, “Employee is able to put his whole self into the work and development, company takes care of employee and overcomes their difficulties in any way we can.” Upon this, the relationship we define between company and employee is, “Employee is important resource of company development, and company is necessary platform of employee development.” In other words, employee career development is based upon comprehensive mechanism of training and practice in company, and the development of company business depends on employee competence. We also believe, to cultivate good work habits and business senses upon technical skill will enable our stuff to conform to company business development better, and have more solid recognition and sense of belonging to company.
We offer for all employees:
  • Steady, reasonable and competitive salary, benefits and protections
  • Harmonious and cooperative work atmosphere
  • Comprehensive opportunities for individual development from person to person
Every people will think over a question, “What do we work for?” The answer could be different in different stages of life. But if we research and consolidate all, we will find that stable family, steady income and enjoyable working environment are all we are working for. At WAYCOM Technology, to make all happy with his works and lives is our goal and ideal.
In each industry, individual administrative organization and system in each firm determines different requirements on employee competence and development. But impartial competition is always important as the part of human resources management. A well impartial competition mechanism stands for a well human resources management in a firm. At WAYCOM Technology, we claim to offer one impartial competition environment for all to bring out the best in individual, so as to build up one win-win relationship between company and employee as a principle to fulfill each requirement respectively.
Training employees and providing a clear path for success in specific company position, are methods helping employee to enhance personal competence and then get development. WAYCOM Technology aligns with employees to tailor each path to succeed in individual position and personal career. Through continuous process, which guides employee in right direction with proven experience and adjusts development plan to tailor proper personal path respectively, we expect that people at WAYCOM Technology can accomplish their goal and ideal.
WAYCOM Technology works out role and responsibility of work and comprehensive training program to various levels of each position with the principle of fair and equitable. By applying employee performance evaluation program at different ranks, our staffs are able to find individual room of growth, orient personal goal and adjust personal development plan at WAYCOM Technology. With competitive salary and welfare system, WAYCOM Technology offers one sound environment of fair competition to all.
“Enjoy our job, enjoy our life” is what professional strives for. WAYCOM Technology dedicates to cultivate employee to develop a respect for his work as well as go to great lengths to create stable work condition for all.
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