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WAYCOM Technology is full product solution and service provider. WAYCOM Technology offers a wide range of support and services for a wide range of company voice systems from small business to complicated and deluxe systems. Our diversified service packages with variety of service level can ensure to meet your individual requirement. More than 7 years proven company experiences on qualified service and support from WAYCOM Technology to our clients would be one of best reasons for you to choose us.
The technical team of WAYCOM Technology understands mission critical. We also understand what it takes to maintain the level of competency and knowledge necessary to properly service our customers in today’s fast paced technological whirlwind. With an average of a decade of experience per core service engineer, you will be able to find a more experienced staff here. WAYCOM Technology service team is some of the most courteous people you will encounter. We are here to help YOU....our loyal clients.
Our team of certified service engineers can help you on.
The disruption to business caused by a voice system breakdown is something no organization wants to experience. That is why we have made maintenance support as one of the key services we offer to ensure that this is one area our clients don't have to worry about.
Every organization's operational needs are different so with this in mind we have made all our maintenance cover truly flexible to ensure the guaranteed response times to your organization requires. We ensure that all faults are dealt with quickly, efficiently and without fuss to deliver you peace of mind.
WAYCOM Technology certified service team can help you through the most rigorous of problems. By providing on site or remote access support, WAYCOM Technology will have your system back to its optimum state in no time.
WAYCOM Technology provides on-site or remotes support for MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes) and upgrades. MAC support includes support for minor and major moves or re-organization, the addition and programming of new stations, changes to individuals or groups of stations, and support for new software upgrades and features. At WAYCOM Technology, the Account Consultant is available to confer with clients regarding the affects of certain programming changes, upgrades, and MAC requests.
To ensure a smooth new system setup or system expansion or transition to a new system, WAYCOM Technology will assign a Project Manager to oversee the implementation. The Project Manager will be responsible for site surveys and interviews, scheduling and managing training programs, scheduling installation dates and managing technical staff working on the project etc. Each customer is provided with a "milestone plan" which outlines the installation process, target dates and estimated completion times.
WAYCOM Technology project team has many years of experience on project managing and implementing voice systems including AVAYA communications. With this, WAYCOM can ensure that deadlines are met, minimize “finger pointing”, status and update appropriate parties, and ensure vendor accountability.
Expanding your business? Looking to become more efficient? Need to take advantage of the newer technologies available? Maybe a system upgrade is needed.
Determining the best service or technology to support your applications is not an easy task. Lots of solutions are thrown out all over the place but what does it really mean to your business. WAYCOM Technology has a team of telecommunications consultants who can assist you in analyzing your current system capabilities versus your needs right now and in future, and then provide a solution that is both cost effective and robust.
Making a decision purely on price could get you in hot water. Don’t take that chance without a thorough review by our associates.
WAYCOM Technology is able to provide on-site training for customers. Sessions are designed to accommodate the needs of each user. For instance, all attendants/operators receive special training to emphasize efficient and fast call processing. End-user training will include feature instruction with emphasis on maximizing user efficiency with regards to specific job functions. All users will be provided with manufacturer user guides for future reference. In addition, customized training materials will be provided which will quickly outline the features and questions that your employees will have. Our experience indicates that the majority of problems with a new system installation are training related. Therefore, we excel in our training programs by customizing them to fit each customers needs and place an emphasis on this often over-looked area of system installation. This results in greater ease of transition as well as ensuring your and your employees satisfaction in your investment.
Likewise, WAYCOM Technology also offers onsite or classroom training related to any new technology release and advanced system support to develop your team. In the same way, all training programs and materials will be tailored upon individual client requires. WAYCOM Technology understands need for practical knowledge, and offers classroom courses that combine hands-on exercises and theoretical lectures.
Technical support outsourcing is one of key services at WAYCOM Technology. Our clients consist of large, medium and small corporations including Fortune 500 companies, they trusts WAYCOM Technology to manage their customer care operations with their most valuable assets—their deluxe systems, their customers and their brand. WAYCOM Technology has earned this trust through years of dedication, delivery, and results.
Our focus is not just to provide excellence in technical support, but to help our clients reduce their operating costs, improve customer satisfaction and efficiency of business, and maximize the value of every customer touch-point.
WAYCOM Technology offers a range of technical services that enable you to deliver high quality technical support to your business and employees at optimal costs. These solutions integrate onsite and personalized technical support services with advanced technologies for knowledge management and automated support. WAYCOM Technology has a pool of highly educated, qualified, and skilled professionals who have the requisite domain knowledge.
When your choice us, WAYCOM Technology would integrate seamlessly as part of your team to treat your clients exactly the way you want them treated and contribute our experiences with you as you really expect.
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