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Call Center Solutions deliver multi-channel capabilities and simultaneous access to customer information. The service representatives are prompted with detailed customer histories to enable effective cross-selling and up-selling and service tailored specifically to each contact. This consistent and personalized service can help increase customer satisfaction and retention. Utilize the intelligent reporting and analysis capabilities to facilitate continuous improvements to manage costs and drive revenue.
The latest AVAYA contact centre solution lets organizations enhance their contact centers with advanced customer outreach capabilities that increase the productivity of agents, drive new cost-efficiencies, and boost business continuity. This results in the completion of a higher volume of customer interactions yielding more satisfying customer experiences and improved business results.
The AVAYA Call Center solution is built upon innovative automatic call distribution (ACD) technology that offers a suite of call routing capabilities designed to help your agents handle calls more effectively and to boost your call center's overall level of productivity. You can choose whether calls will go to the least busy agent, the first available agent, or the agent with the skills needed by a particular customer.
CTI T-Server functions as an intelligent interpreter translating the language understood by the clients into the language spoken on the CTI link and vice versa.  CTI T-Server is "intelligent" because it provides the clients only with the messages they expect to receive and keeps track of a customer contact/call from its birth until its death, through all the stages and transformations the call may undergo.  CTI T-Server also synchronizes switching of call-related information through the data network with switching of calls through the telephone network.
T-Server provides an open-architecture; client-server LAN/WAN based solution that scales with a growing enterprise.  Thus it provides a consistent integration amongst all components in the enterprise. In essence, a CTI solution sits in the middle of an enterprise’s customer service systems leveraging on the existing hardware/software infrastructure of the enterprise.  CTI integrates with all major telephony system components (PBX/ACD/IVR), agent desktop applications (Siebel, SAP, Peoplesoft,  Remedy and many other Front-office automation software) and enterprise databases (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS-SQL) to provide valuable customer information to the customer service agent when they need it.
CTI features are described below:
  • Screen pop: Inbound screen pop is provided by the CTI Client Application InterfaceThis can include information entered into the ACD and/or IVR by the customer;
  • Routing selection: according call information to select routing target;
  • Personal welcome script: provides personal welcome scripts to customer according the customer information or collected data;
  • Inbound & Outbound management: customize routing inbound call and generate the outbound call list schedule;
  • Call/Data transfer: provides for synchronized call and data transfer between agents;
  • Specific agent: direct route call to the specific agent;
  • IVR transfer call to agent: transfer call from IVR to agent according the customer request.
AVAYA provides the information and management tools you need to monitor and analyze the performance of your contact center operations. Those tools can show you where improvements are needed and can help you take fast, effective action, while the AVAYA supervisor client provides comprehensive administration and reporting capabilities using a familiar Microsoft Windows interface.
With AVAYA reporting tools, your contact center managers can view live, real-time information-and see the immediate results of their adjustments. They can also use historical reports to analyze trends, establish performance benchmarks, and plan new marketing or customer service campaigns. Supervisors have access to real-time and historical reports to help them effectively manage the performance of their personnel. A powerful custom report package lets you modify real-time and historical reports or create reports that fit your specific requirements. Extensive reporting of exceptions allows your managers to quickly identify areas requiring immediate attention.
The AVAYA IR system consists of a set of hardware and software components that interact to facilitate the exchange of information between callers, operators, computers, and, optionally, fax machines. These components also enable changes to the system by administrators, maintenance personnel, and software creators.
An AVAYA IR system can interact with other systems in a variety of ways, these interactions support call handling and data exchange.
AVAYA Interaction Center is an advanced multichannel contact management platform that simplifies and improves the routing and management of interactions across all communication channels; voice, e-mail, web self-service, web chat, browser-based collaboration, web callback, and Voice over IP (VoIP). Interaction Center (IC) helps businesses improve operations responsiveness, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of cross media channel sales, service, and customer interaction management initiatives.
AVAYA Computer Telephony for IC supports the AVAYA IR system, enabling the AVAYA IR system to communicate with both the telephone caller and the AVAYA IC computer system.
The devices of agent in call center are including telephone terminal (IP, digital or analog), Headphones、microphone and CTI soft phone desktop application running on PC,The Agent software desktop is the application that allows you to handle incoming and outgoing contacts with customers, for example, answer call, release call , transfer and dial call. The call center real-time call report will be display at the telephone screen or wall board , it will help agents to increase their efficiency.
Agent desktop should various operating systems: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, HP-UX, Solaris, etc., Agent completed through various business processes by its software desktop, Agent can handle more calls, in order to handle complex business. When a particular agent can not handle a business, he can transfer this call to the expert agent, when the call finish the transfer, the original data would not lose, it will be time for the transfer with the call to the same destination. The all agents can be monitored by their supervisor for quality supervision.
Agent should login/logout operation everyday. Agents ID will track the agent throughout the process. Calls can be recorded, or call management, call accounting system, staff management system monitoring. Agent can also handle a number of calls, as can hold a call for a higher-level call for processing.
Agent desktop GUI or application should be quickly designed by the graphical development tools. When the user has new requirements, it is not necessarily to ask for the developers of software, customer will be able to develop themselves satisfied with the application.
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