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NICE Generates Insight from Multimedia Interactions to Drive Business Performance
Today’s organizations are constantly searching for ways to improve their understanding of market dynamics and customer intent. This quest is becoming increasingly complex, with growing regulatory requirements, overwhelming quantities of data available and the limitations of traditional data analysis techniques.
Every day, millions of vital business interactions take place around the world, as organizations interact with customers, employees, contractors, vendors, investors and others. NICE solutions extract the value hidden within these unstructured multimedia interactions, providing decision makers with powerful insights into their marketplace and customer base, and direct access to key interactions.
NICE offers the enterprise unique analytical capabilities. While most existing analytics tools deal with structured transactional data, and focus on “what happened”, NICE takes executives beyond the plain facts to learn “why it happened,” and “what is likely to happen”. NICE’s multidimensional analytics enable decision makers to discover customer intent, and to identify current and future trends early enough for proactive management of challenges, opportunities and changes.
The information hidden within multimedia interactions provides value throughout the enterprise, from the Contact Center and Trading Floor, to Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, Product Development, Operations, and Finance.
NICE solutions are used successfully by leading players in a variety of key market segments, including finance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, transportation, travel, facilities management and others. NICE enables enterprise customers to capture, store and analyze vital unstructured interactions providing valuable information to drive performance in a variety of areas:
  • Improve quality management
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Understand customer intent and behavior
  • Analyze campaign awareness and effectiveness
  • Maximize cross and up-selling opportunities
  • Gather market information on products and services
  • Collect market information on competitors
  • Ensure compliance and reduce risk
  • Review and refine business processes
Built on an advanced open architecture, the NICE PerformTM suite of applications provides multi dimensional analytics of a wide variety of information sources including the following:
  • Word spotting: automatic spotting of predefined key words and phrases
  • Emotion detection: spotting stress or anger in voices on each side of the interaction
  • Talk pattern analysis: providing the context of the interaction
  • Post-call customer surveys: immediate customer feedback gathered at the end of the interaction
  • Call Flow analysis: analyzing the customer experience during the interaction, and indicating events such as “hold” and ”transfer”
  • Screen data and activity analysis
All this data is stored within a centralized data warehouse. A set of advanced engines process the data and generate powerful analytics that address a variety of business issues. State-of-the-art visualization techniques enable analysts and executives to quickly and easily identify trends, deviations and situations requiring immediate action.
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