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NICE Storage Center is a cost-effective archival management system that enables users to define which of the captured interactions to archive, along with their target location and storage period. A single NICE Storage Center can support multiple capturing units of different types. Its redundancy capabilities together with the ability to leverage existing storage resources offer a robust solution for organizations that need high availability and disaster recovery solution. Whether organizations are searching for a turnkey solution, or prefer to use the storage devices they already have in place, NICE Storage Center offers something that is right for their organization.
  • Efficient – Efficient allocation of storage space across multiple sites and platforms.
  • Centralization – Centrally manages interactions across multiple capturing units and locations for multi-site deployments without the need to manage each site separately.
  • Open – leverages enterprise storage resources in any architecture such as Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN), Content Addressed Storage (CAS).
  • Robust – leverages NICE Storage Center’s redundancy capabilities for high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Automated archiving – Eliminates manual and time-consuming tape management by automating archiving and retention of interactions, based on business needs.
  • Lowers TCO – Automated archiving and storage migration while leveraging existing storage resources.
  • Improves reliability – Avoids issues related to faulty archiving media by fully benefiting from the use of a dedicated disk-based storage solution.
  • Fast retrieval – Automatically retrieves archived interactions upon request without the need for human intervention and with full user transparency.
  • Compliance - Meets regulatory requirements for disaster recovery, business continuity planning (BCP) and data retention.
  • Safeguards investment – Easy to move to newer, more advanced storage devices as they appear in the market without the need for costly upgrades.
NICE Storage Center provides comprehensive sets of capabilities to meet specific archiving needs:
  • Business driven archiving – User-defined business-driven rules for archiving: what, when, where and how to archive using extensive sets of criteria.
  • Selective retention – Automatic rules-based deletion of interactions based on any CTI criteria and age of recording.
  • Multi-site and multi-system support – Supports multiple capturing systems and multiple sites for centralized data and archiving management.
  • Scheduled data transfer – Scheduling engine for off-hours processing minimizes impact on the network during peak hours.
  • Mass storage support – Support for virtually any kind of storage device and any topology: NAS, SAN, CAS and near-offline archiving solutions. In addition, the NICE Storage Center integrates with leading storage vendors, such as EMC (including Centera), IBM (including Tivoli Storage Manager), Network Appliance and more.
  • Full redundancy – Multiple NICE Storage Centers can be used in primary/secondary mode to maximize system reliability. Redundancy is supported for both archiving and retrieval operation.
  • End-user transparency – When searching and playing back a call, the actual location of the recording is transparent to the user. NICE Storage Center will locate the recording and retrieve it for seamless playback.
  • Advanced compression and file export options – Interactions can be captured and stored using industry standard compression (G729, G723) to minimize network bandwidth impact and storage requirements. In addition, files can be exported to standard *.WAV format.
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