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NICE invented, pioneered and patented VoIP recording, and has the most extensive IP portfolio in the industry. NICE’s offerings dovetail with those of leading IP telephony vendors to cover multi-site environments with advanced connectivity and agent mobility.
NICE is the acknowledged leader in providing IP-based solutions for contact centers, trading floors, and banking environments. Its advanced VoIP recording technology is supported by the company’s global presence, unmatched support capabilities, market-leading expertise in implementing mission critical solutions, and a proven ability to provide advanced value-added applications.
The NICE VoIP recording suite is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to perform compliance recording and quality management with a single powerful system, increase productivity with recordings being easily retrieved and instantly replayable by anyone who needs them, anywhere. NICE VoIP solution supports all major vendors, including Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and Siemens.
The NICE VoIP solution offers a range of technological advantages:
  • A unified architecture for all analog, TDM and VoIP environments.
  • Support for hybrid VoIP and traditional telephony environments in one system, allowing gradual migration to VoIP.
  • A unified user interface, making the switch to VoIP totally transparent to the user.
  • Pure software-only system installed on commercial-offthe- shelf (COTS) servers.
  • Optional high-end redundancy providing increased system survivability and the elimination of single points of failure.
All these combine to make the NICE solution the premier market offering:
  • Best performance in terms of recording channels per server, reducing the number of hardware components, and increasing reliability (improved mean time between failures).
  • Proven scalability to thousands of recorded IP ports (physical IP phone devices or PC-based IP soft-phones) per site – NICE is the market leader in high-end VoIP installations.
  • NICE has the industry’s largest service organization with partners and distributors in more than100 countries serving over 23,000 customers.
NICE VoIP recording is as reliable as traditional TDM recording, making it extremely suitable for even the most demanding, mission-critical applications. NICE VoIP solutions are utilized by financial organizations to meet their most mission-critical business needs.
NICE’s VoIP passive recording technology was the first (and highly successful) method of capturing customer interactions in a VoIP network, because it is transparent to the telephony system.
NICE active VoIP recording solutions, on the other hand, are transparent to the network as a whole. Active recording involves sending a replica of captured audio interactions from a gateway, conference bridge or IP-phone to the recording system using standard network routing. NICE has developed a cutting edge offering for active VoIP recording that is fully integrated with and supports all of
the major IP telephony vendors. Furthermore, NICE offers its VoIP Recording Gateway, a unique network appliance that transforms any IP telephony environment into an active recording solution.
Active VoIP recording enables centralized recording capabilities in distributed environments. The system can reside in the data center and record calls that take place in the organization’s branches. By eliminating the need for set-up, administration and management at branches or remote sites, active recording helps flatten the organization, enables simple yet efficient handling of remote employees and employees working from home.


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